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The Safer Drivers Course delivered by Learn Drive Survive®, offers a remarkable opportunity for eligible learner drivers in New South Wales. By applying for a free Safer Drivers Course concession, eligible participants from Aboriginal communities and disadvantaged backgrounds can complete the course free of charge. The course is aimed at developing safe driving skills and in an attempt to reduce crashes among young inexperienced drivers once they drive solo. This concession makes the course more accessible, particularly for learners who face extra challenges in getting a licence.

Benefits of Free Driving Lessons & Free Safer Drivers Course in NSW

Free driving lessons can often sound too good to be true. However, various programs such as National Disability Support Scheme (NDIS) will help participants with physical and learning disabilities with free driving lessons.

NDIS Free Driving Lessons

As part of your NDIS plan, you may receive funding for free driving lessons. Contact your case manager for further information. Free driving lessons near me aim to empower participants to drive safely and independently. free driving lessons - Learn Drive Survive-min

The Benefits:

  1. Personalised driver training
  2. Professional guidance
  3. Financial support

They serve as an entry point for anyone aspiring to get their independance and become a competent driver. With a focus on key driving skills, defensive techniques, and road awareness, they’re your ticket to a safer driving journey.

Free driving lessons through DLAP coupled with the Safer Drivers Course, is another program that offers several benefits to disadvantaged NSW learner drivers. By offering free driver training, it helps to keep other motorists on the road safe, increases mobility and improves licencing access for communities who may be disadvantaged.

In addition to free or discounted driving lessons, a free Safer Drivers Course with Learn Drive Survive®, particpants will enhance their understanding of safe driving practices and reduce the risk of crashes. In addition to learning defensive driving techniques, learners will receive 20 logbook hours.


NSW Safer Drivers Course: Key Information

Questions Answers
Who is the Course For Learner drivers under 25 years of age
How Many Hours Do I Need At least 50 logbook driving hours
Do I Need Driving Lessons No, but they’re recommended to enhance skills
Can I Do the Course Online There are 2 modules to complete which includes a face-to-face classroom component and a practical driving component
Do I get Logbook Hours Yes. Upon completing the course, participants receive 20 logbook hours
Can I Do the Course For Free The course is free for eligible participants who hold a pension/healthcare card or receiving Centrelink benefits


NSW Government Supported Initiative for NSW Learner Drivers: Free Driving Lessons In Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Mid-North Coast, Northern Rivers & other Locations Across NSW

The Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP) is a free program that provides NSW free driving lessons people facing additional challenges, the extra support to obtain a NSW licence.  Thanks to the NSW Government, the fee is exempt and you can benefit from free driving lessons as well as a free Safer Drivers Course and other road safety education.

Not everyone can get their licence easy. Some community groups may have difficulty obtaining a drivers licence as they are unable to meet certain requirements. As a result, this can impact employment, training, education, health care, cultural activities and community support.

You must ensure that you have the correct documentation to be eligible for a free Safer Driver Course. This includes Centrelink benefits and hold a current Pensioner Concession card and/or a Health Care card issued by the Department of Human Services.


Driving Scenarios & Recommendations

Driving Scenario Recommended Decisions
Heavy Traffic Slow down, maintain a safe distance, be patient
Night Driving Use appropriate headlights, drive slower
Rain or Wet Roads Use wipers, decrease speed, avoid sudden braking
High Pedestrian Area Extra caution, yield right of way, reduced speed
Bends & Curves Slow down before the bend, avoid sudden lane changes
Crests of Hills Reduce speed, be prepared for unseen hazards
Country Roads Be alert for wildlife, stay within speed limits
City Driving Anticipate stop-and-go traffic, be wary of pedestrians


Driving Behaviours & Their Causes

Driving Behaviour Why It Happens
Speeding Overconfidence, thrill-seeking
Distracted Driving Multi-tasking, use of mobile phones, in-car distractions
Driving Under the Influence Peer pressure, impaired judgement
Fatigue Overestimation of stamina, long drives without breaks
Poor Decision Making Lack of experience, panic, peer pressure
Poor Hazard Perception Inadequate training, distraction, overconfidence


What Will I Learn In the NSW Safer Drivers Course

The NSW Safer Drivers Course isn’t just a milestone in a young driver’s journey; it’s free driving lessons a foundation. It instills the values, skills, and strategies that mould safer, more responsible road users. Navigating the roads requires more than just basic driving skills. Enter the NSW Safer Drivers Course – a pivotal initiative ensuring young drivers not only master the art of driving but also the science of safety. But what does this course really entail?


Safer Driver Techniques

Safer Driving Elements Recommended Actions
Low Risk Driving Strategies Adopt consistent speeds, avoid sudden movements
Safe Following Distance Maintain at least a 3-second gap from the vehicle ahead
Hazard Perception Constantly scan surroundings; anticipate potential threats
Observation Regularly check mirrors; be aware of blind spots
Planning Ahead Foresee potential issues; adjust route or speed accordingly
Decision Making Analyse scenarios quickly; choose the safest action


Driving School Near Me

Designed exclusively for young NSW drivers under 25 years, the Learn Drive Survive® Safer Drivers Course hones the skills of learners, pushing them beyond basic driving. It’s about understanding the road, the risks, safest responses and planning. The course begins with a deep dive into understanding the psyche of young drivers, revealing why certain risky behaviours emerge which is also accompanied with a plethora of strategies help promote a safer experience on the road.

The module one session provides a platform for young drivers to share their experiences, discuss potential scenarios, and collectively brainstorm solutions. It promotes a sense of community and shared learning. The course isn’t just another driving program. It’s a comprehensive experience that merges knowledge with practical driving skills. Dive into this course and unleash a driving journey that’s both confident and cautious.

Interested in diving deeper into the intricacies of safe driving and making informed decisions on the road? Your journey to becoming a skilled and conscientious driver begins at Learn Drive Survive SDC.

So, if you’re searching online for “free driving lessons Sydney” or “free Sydney safer drivers course near me,” don’t just skim through the results. Dive in, explore and grab that opportunity by the steering wheel!


How do I get free driving lessons in NSW?

Learn Drive Survive® are a preferred driving school that provide free driving lessons in NSW. To be eligible, learner drivers must be receiveing Centrelink benefits, have a current learner licence and hold a current Pensioner Concession Card. Enquire with Learn Drive Survive® to check if you are eligible. Alternatively, complete our free Safer Drivers Course Concession Application.

Do I get bonus hours for doing driving lessons in NSW?
Yes. When you complete driving lessons with an accredited driving instructor, you will receive 3 hours for every 1 hour of driving in your logbook. Learn Drive Survive® also approved providers by TfNSW to deliver the Safer Drivers Course. Upon completion of this course,
participants will receive an additional 20 logbook hours for only 5 hours of education.
Do I have to complete the Safer Drivers Course modules in a particular order?

Yes. Module one (classroom group discussion) must be completed first followed by module two (the in-vehicle coaching). Module two must be completed 4 weeks of module one but our brialliant team at Learn Drive Survive® usually complete all courses on the same day.

Is the course like a driving lesson?

Learn Drive Survive® teach the same defensive driving techniques as the Safer Drivers Course in everyday lessons. The course is not about learning to drive or how to reverse park. It is a coaching session which focuses on low risk driving techniques.

Can I do module 2 in a manual vehicle?

No, we don’t use manual vehicles. We don’t want learners focusing on the operation of the clutch and gears. We want you to focus on the actual course components and what’s beigh taught. Besides, some students learning in a manual can drive an auto as well, but those learning in an auto can’t proficiently operate a manual vehicle.

Is there a competent or not yet competent outcome?

No. There is no assessment of the Safer Drivers Course but participants must complete module 1 and 2 to receive the 20 hour log book credit.